Marco Matarese , Apre Campania Coordinator at Technapoli


Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 24 September 2015 (02:00 pm - 06:00 pm)
  • Friday 25 September 2015 (09:30 am - 12:30 pm)
  • Friday 25 September 2015 (01:30 pm - 06:00 pm)

Established in 1992, Technapoli Consortium is the Scientific and Technological Park (PST) of the metropolitan area in Naples and Caserta as well as Research Centre.
Its associated members are both public subjects and private enterprises with a significant share of the Chamber of Commerce in Naples.
The strategic and institutional objective of Technapoli is to increase the competitiveness of the local economic system, promoting research and technological innovation, internazionalization of the enterprises, and foreign investments.
Technapoli cooperates with the local (public and private) economic subjects and with national and international networks, promoting actions to connect and integrate Enterprises, University, Public Administration and public and private Research Centers in order to carry out joined projects on contents related to technological innovation.
In addition, Technapoli competences are consistent with the present proposal objective since it is specialized in:
• Management of research, innovation, training and technological transfer projects as well as industrial development plans
• Development of Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication activities
• Internationalization services
• promotion of Intellectual Property Protection

The Consortium develops a series of activities oriented to support and spread the importance of the technological innovation to gain competitive advantages on the global market, both in terms of system of enterprises and in terms of "territory." SMEs represent Technapoli main target and many actions have been developed to contribute to the creation of a favorable environment in order to increase their competitiveness.
Since its establishment, more than 150 initiatives have been realized accounting research projects, technological transfer and innovation and partnerships with more than 400 enterprises have been carried out.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Company, Cluster, Research Centre

Phone: +39 0818046040

Email: matarese@technapoli.it

City: Pozzuoli (Naples) ,Via. A. Olivetti 1 Google map

Areas of Activities

Industrial biotechnology (including biocatalysts)

    Environmental technologies (enzymes, decontamination, bioremediation)

      Energy & biofuels


          Chemicals (bioproducts)