Danilo Cornelli , CEO at Galatea Bio Tech Srl


Galatea Bio Tech is a White Biotech and Green Chemistry innovative start-up company.
R&D, Processes and technologies for the production of fine and bulk chemicals via fermentation are Galatea Bio Tech’s core business. Galatea Bio Tech produces and sells these molecules as well as their derivatives.
Our core business is the R&D of technologies and processes for the production of fine and bulk chemicals by bio fermentation as well as the production and marketing of these products and their derivatives.
Our ability in using the DNA recombinant technique makes it possible for us to engineer selected microorganisms aiming to obtain a large number of molecules and materials that can be used in many different applications.
Galatea Bio Tech is specialized in the production of bio plastics, enzymes, bi-functional molecules, organic acids and microbial strains suitable for the production of many different bio molecules. Our strength is the University Knowledge in biotechnology and materials science we can provide. This, combined with our great flexibility, gives us the opportunity to fulfill any customer request, even on demand.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +393926929906

Email: danilo.cornelli@galateabiotech.com

City: Milano ,Piazza della Scienza 2 Google map

Areas of Activities

Industrial biotechnology (including biocatalysts)

    Environmental technologies (enzymes, decontamination, bioremediation)

      Energy & biofuels

        Chemicals (bioproducts)