Giuseppe Olivieri , Assistant Professor at Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory - Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 24 September 2015 (02:00 pm - 06:00 pm)
  • Friday 25 September 2015 (09:30 am - 12:30 pm)

The Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory offer a wide expertise in novel bioreactor design, microalgal coltivation, microalgal biorefinery, production of biofuel and biochemicals from 2nd generation feedstock including novel extraction techniques and CO2 bio-capture. The Group operates in close collaboration with several University and Reserach Institutes (National Research Council of Italy, Technical University of Berlin, Technical University of Wien, Universiteit van Amsterdam, University College of London, INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO AGRARIO CASTILLA Y LEÓN) and SME (Solaris, ARGUS, Biopox, ENCO). We are also involved in several EU and national projects (WASTE2FUEL and OPTISOLV)

We are interested in companies in the field of biorefinery for production of food/feed, chemicals and fuels. In particular novel extraction and fractionation techniques are strongly appreciated for making the process economically feasible and environmentally sustainable.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: University

Phone: +39-3491432136

Email: giolivie@unina.it

City: Napoli ,Piazzale Tecchio 80 Google map

Areas of Activities

Industrial biotechnology (including biocatalysts)

    Energy & biofuels

      Chemicals (bioproducts)




            Expertise in photobioreactor design and microalgal biorefinery

            We offer our expertise in designing novel photobioreactor for high biomass productivity. In addition we offer expertise in modeling and characterizing the perfomance of the novel developed photobioreactor

            Cooperation Offered
            1. Technical co-operation
            2. Investment/Financing

            2nd generation biomass feedstock supply

            We request end user companies which can supply us 2nd generation biomass feedstock (lignocellulosic) and are interested in our technology for production of biofuel and chemicals, eventually as partner of EU projects

            Cooperation Requested
            1. Outsourcing co-operation
            2. Technical co-operation
            3. Investment/Financing

            Company involved in novel extraction and fractionation technique for biorefinery of biomass

            We request expertise in novel and mils techniques for extraction and fractionation of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and high added value component from microalgal biomass

            Keywords: Microalgal biorefinery
            Cooperation Requested
            1. Investment/Financing
            2. Technical co-operation
            3. Outsourcing co-operation