Arianna Andreotti , Business Development Manager at Biosphere srl


Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 24 September 2015 (02:00 pm - 06:00 pm)

Biosphere is an Italian small medium enterprise, operating in biotechnology, whose core business is the development of fermentation processes for the production of added value products from microbial source. Our company offers customized Contract R&D and Manufacturing services for the production of microbial biomass, metabolites, proteins, especially enzymes. Our facility is designed to perform fermentation processes from lab to pilot and pre-industrial scale (1.500 L), and for the recovery and purification of the products. Following the growing request of biocatalysts, Biosphere has developed a strong expertise in the process development and production of microbial enzymes that are currently applied in several industrial processes. Our main partners are pharmaceutical, agro-food, nutraceutical and cosmetic companies.
Biosphere can also provide a range of enzymes immobilized on different polymers.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +390543444597

Email: arianna.andreotti@sfir.it

City: Bertinoro (FC) ,Via Cellaimo 3456 Google map

Areas of Activities

Industrial biotechnology (including biocatalysts)


      Chemicals (bioproducts)



          Fermentation Processes: Contract R&D and Manufacturing services

          We offer:
          - process development and scale-up of microbial fermentations, from lab to pre-industrial scale (1.500 L);
          - contract manufacturing service for the production of microbial biomass, metabolites, proteins and enzymes;

          Our core business is focused on the process development and production of biocatalysts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agro-food companies.

          Keywords: Fermentation processesContract R&DContract ManufacturingEnzymes
          Cooperation Offered
          1. Technical co-operation
          2. Manufacturing agreement
          Cooperation Requested
          1. Technical co-operation