Maria Antonietta Vanoni , Professor of Biochemistry at Università degli Studi di Milano - Dipartimento di Bioscienze

The Department of Biosciences is one of the largest and most productive Departments of the University of Milano.
With its over 80 faculty members and 120 post-doctoral associates, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as administrative technical staff, the Department of Biosciences is engaged in teaching and training activities in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Natural Sciences at the undergraduate and PhD levels, and in research in the Life Sciences.
Research is being carried out within the frame of national and international collaborations, with support from several European and Italian Funding Agencies and Charities.
The Department is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to investigate the living things at the molecular level, and it has set-up Departmental facilities and services, which are available, at a fee, also to external users:

- Fermentation and Protein Purification and Characterization Facility (Contact: Alessandro.Aliverti@unimi.it and Vittorio.Pandini@unimi.it)
- Microscopy Platform (Contact: Nadia.Santo@unimi.it and Alex.Costa@unimi.it)
- Green Houses Facilities (Contact: Marco.Caccianiga@unimi.it and Valerio.Parravicini@unimi.it)

More specifically, the Molecular Enzymology Group at the Department of Biosciences has a long standing record in the determination of structure-function relations in protein production, engineering and characterization by means of kinetic and equilibrium spectroscopies with special reference to simple and complex flavoenzymes and their protein partners from microorganisms, plants and mammals. Experience has been gained also on various hydrolases, enzymes acting on tRNA and other non-redox enzymes.

The enzymology laboratory is equipped for:
- Overproduction of recombinant proteins, including enzymes, in microbial hosts.
- Protein engineering by targeted and random mutagenesis. Screening of protein variants.
- Protein purification.
- Structural and functional characterization of proteins.
- Setup of in vitro enzyme assays (spectrophotometric, fluorimetric and radiometric detection; continuous or discontinuous format with FPLC/TLC/HPLC separations).
- Mechanistic and inhibition studies of enzymes ( steady-state and pre-steady state kinetics; absorbance/fluorescence spectroscopies; dynamic light scattering) under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: University

Phone: +390250314901

Email: maria.vanoni@unimi.it

City: Milano ,Via Celoria 26 Google map

Areas of Activities

Industrial biotechnology (including biocatalysts)

    Environmental technologies (enzymes, decontamination, bioremediation)