Eva Cudlinova , university teacher at Economic faculty,University of South Bohemia


Even though the Faculty of Economics is a rather young part of the University of South Bohemia, the Faculty has recorded many successes. The Faculty can offer a series of study fields at all university educational levels. The Faculty of Economics creates and provides an independent creative environment supporting cognition in the field of economic disciplines with focus on economics and management and socio-economic factors of regional development.The Faculty co-operates with a line of foreign universities and international institutions. The academic staff and students can participate in study and teaching exchange programmes at academic institutions including universities in Germany, Austria, France, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, USA and Australia.

Country: Czech Republic

Organization Type: University

Phone: 00420732369663

Email: evacu@centrum.cz

City: Ceske budejovice ,Studentska 13 Google map

Areas of Activities