Costante Bonacina , President at CASALOGICA S.R.L.


Casalogica is a construction company for strawbale building.
Casalogica is an innovative Start Up operating in the natural construction sector. Develops and promotes good practice construction free from concrete and hydrocarbon derivatives.
Casalogica has acquired over the years a perfect knowledge of the strawbale buildings, built over stone foundations.
The company designed and built directly over 30 buildings in wood and strawbale, in the civilian sector.
Casalogica designs and builds your home, your workplace, your children's school.

Founders of the company
Eng. Costante Bonacina, PhD, 37 years old
Eng. Carlo Micheletti, 38 years old

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Company

Phone: 3479126769

Email: bonacina@casalogica.it

City: BERGAMO ,via Longuelo 78 Google map

Areas of Activities