Enzo Laurenti , Researcher at University of Turin


The Department of Chemistry at the University of Turin has a total staff of about 130 persons and an equal number of fellows, PhD and post-doctoral students. The members of the Department are divided in 16 research groups and are involved in many research fields, such as Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Metallurgy.

The Department of Chemistry is home or member of three important interdipartimental centres: “NIS”, Nanostructured Interfaces and Surfaces; “Centro Scansetti”, for the study of asbestos and other toxic particulates; “CRISDI”, the centre for diffractometric crystallography.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: University

Email: enzo.laurenti@unito.it

City: Torino ,Via Pietro Giuria 7 Google map

Areas of Activities

Industrial biotechnology (including biocatalysts)

    Environmental technologies (enzymes, decontamination, bioremediation)

      Energy & biofuels

        Chemicals (bioproducts)