Nicola Giubellina , Regional Sales Director at Aptuit srl


Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 24 September 2015 (02:00 pm - 06:00 pm)

Aptuit is a pharmaceutical services company that delivers early discovery to mid-phase drug development solutions by applying scientific excellence, outstanding service and a team of some of the foremost scientific professionals in the industry.
These drug discovery and development professionals offer proven experience in key therapeutic areas. They share a legacy of success, having advanced a large number of molecules efficiently, expeditiously and economically, from early discovery through clinical development with low attrition rates.

Country: Italy

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 250+

Founding Year: 2005

Phone: +39 340 8732 605

Email: nicola.giubellina@aptuit.com

City: VERONA ,Via A. Fleming 4 Google map

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Areas of Activities


    Chemicals (bioproducts)


        Offer & Request

        Aptuit Development Services

        Well established, fully integrated capabilities in Pharmaceutical Sciences comprising API and Pharmaceutical Development, Analytical and Physical Properties Sciences, and GMP API and Clinical Supply, all come together at The Aptuit Center for Drug Discovery and Development in Verona, Italy. The seamless integration of drug substance and drug product services, all performed under one roof, make Aptuit the ideal Pharmaceutical Sciences partner.
        Because every aspect of our clients’ projects is accomplished by a single, unified, collaborative team that takes a unique approach we call Complementary Vision, there are significant advantages when you turn to Aptuit for Pharmaceutical Sciences.

        Aptuit has a record of success, providing clients with uncommon expertise that delivers exceptional results.
        Clients can depend on scientific excellence in:
        • API Development and Manufacturing
        • Chemical (Qualitative/Quantitative), Physical and Biopharmaceutical Characterization of actives and dosage forms
        • Dosage Forms Design, Development and Manufacturing for preclinical and clinical dosing
        • Inhaled Products (i.e. Dry Powder Inhalers) Development, Manufacturing and Testing

        Keywords: DevelopmentAPIDrug Product ManufacturingFormulation Development
        Offer & Request

        Aptuit Discovery Services

        From our Medicines Research Centre in Verona, Italy,
        Aptuit offers a legacy of proven scientific expertise in
        the discovery area. Over four hundred highly skilled
        drug discovery and development experts make it possible
        for us to provide our clients with exceptional science
        and service.

        Our Discovery capabilities include:
        • Computational Chemistry
        • Medicinal Chemistry
        • In-vitro Biology
        • Cytotoxicity Assays
        • Mode of Action (MoA) Studies
        • In vivo Disease Models
        • Integrated PK/PD Approach

        Keywords: BiologyMedicinal ChemistryDiscoveryDMPKComputationalPharmacology
        Cooperation Offered
        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation
        3. Manufacturing agreement